Our team






Our team is founded on our shared ideals, our wealth of differences, our personal bonds, and our taste for action.

The team occasionally expands its international horizons via its networks in the USA/Asia Pacific and Northern Europe.

Joël BrugalièresJoël Brugalières. Consultant and Coach. Associate Director.

Joël began working in the field in 1996, after 16 years in management with SMEs and multinational corporations. He specialises in individual managerial and team support.

Area of expertise: providing support for group challenges 

Trained in one-on-one and team coaching (“Coach and Team”) at Cabinet Transformance in 1992-93.

Trained in the Palo Alto systemic and interactional approach to coaching individuals and organisations. Former president of the French coaching society (Société Française de Coaching). His working languages are French and English.



Virginie BoutinVirginie Boutin. Consultant and coach.

A trained linguist, Virginie pays particular attention to the choice of words. She has been practising cognitive ergonomics (i.e. optimising co-working processes via digital interfaces) for the last 15 years, and helps companies to humanise information technologies by ensuring that discussion always centres around the user.

Area of expertise: Finding alignment for action

Trained in coaching at International Mozaik, and, more specifically, in systemic approaches to coaching, including the ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) and J.A. Malarewicz models. Her working languages are French and English.



Bernard BuffatBernard Buffat. Consultant and coach.

Bernard has experience in three fields, having worked as a scientist (researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research), a manager (more than 20 years in business) and a coach. His work draws on his knowledge of people and business.

His many years as an ensemble musician have given him a keen eye for the quality of team member interactions – the interactions from which collective performance emerges.

Bernard (engineer, PhD, choirmaster) trained in coaching at the Académie du Coaching (F. Delivré, F. Souweine, N. Philippe) and in the systemic approach with J. A. Malarewicz. His working languages are French, English and Spanish.




Isabelle ChevrierIsabelle Chevrier : Consultant and coach.

Isabelle has been an expert in the areas of personal effectiveness, managerial development and personal and collective leadership for more than 20 years.

Her work draws on her operational experience in various firms (IBM, SMEs) and her subsequent roles supporting managers and teams both in house and as an external coach.

Since 1988 she has received training in a range of different personal and physical development approaches. She has a Masters in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis and has been certified as a Phase II “Human Element©” Trainer by Will Schutz. She trained in coaching at International Mozaik, as a psychotherapist, in the systemic approach (Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz), and in various energy-related approaches to health. She engages in continuous professional development with international experts in fields related to leadership, team management and change management. Her working language is French (basic English).


Ivan MaltcheffIvan Maltcheff. Consultant and coach.

Specialises in providing support for radical changes (mergers, acquisitions, cessations of business, restructures, crises, culture changes, etc.)

In addition to his 17-year operational career in the HR Departments of large French and international firms (Konica, Sanofi Diagnostic Pasteur, Biorad Europe) and in SMEs, Ivan is skilled in a range of personal and physical development practices. Ivan trained in the Palo Alto school of systemic, strategic and interactional intervention at the Ecole du Paradoxe (Irène Bouaziz).

Since 2002, Ivan has dedicated 80% of his time to one-on-one and team coaching and 20% to operational crisis management.

His working languages are French, English and Spanish.