We stay focused on our customers’ needs

We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you, and our purpose is to serve your needs. Because of this we pay particular attention to clearly outlining the results that you want to achieve.

Subject to the resources available, we are ethically bound to deliver our best efforts. However we also ensure that an evaluation process is put in place to make certain that you are satisfied with your results.


We are a team that learns

We continually develop our expertise. We ensure that the services we provide to you are held to the highest standards of planning and professionalism.

We practise what we preach by creating the right conditions for learning.

We are “biodegradable”

We pay special attention to the influence that our position as coaches and consultants affords us, to make sure that your independence is always respected. We are especially vigilant when it comes to the pitfalls specific to our field, ensuring supervision during our interventions.

We cultivate optimism

We believe, first and foremost, that every situation, no matter how complex, can have a successful outcome, and can be an opportunity for learning or even transformation.

We leave room for humour

We know how to use a laugh or a smile to help you keep a little distance between yourself and the issues at hand, and how to foster a positive and creative energy.