Whether ours, or that of the individuals we support, freedom, a state that can never fully be guaranteed, is a touchstone we cling to.

  • Freedom to marshal your best qualities, or to reject your own resources and desires.
  • Freedom to accept your weaknesses and learn from them, or to refuse to allow yourself to make mistakes, and bow to the surrounding context.
  • Freedom to think for yourself or to go with the group consensus…

In your busy working day, where your responsibilities frequently compete with your rights, we believe that you need to make room for freedom in your relationship with yourself and others. This fosters the intelligence and energy that leads to genuine action.


Responsibility, freedom’s twin sister, is central to our work.

In our eyes, our clients are responsible for their decisions, their actions, their wishes, their intellectual, mental and relational constructs and the resources they use (or don’t use) to achieve their goals. We are responsible for the approaches we use to help them.

We also share responsibility with our clients for the success of the processes we are both involved in.


We respect the people we support and their differences. We treat them like human beings rather than objects of study, “clinical cases”, or tools for production.
Respect is the third cornerstone of our work, as evidenced by our focus on:

  • Not invading our clients’ space with our own opinions, and encouraging clients not to invade ours in turn
  • Unconditionally welcoming our clients and their interpretation of reality
  • Not telling our clients what’s best for them, what their issues are, or what the solution is.