Case study: Organisational change


International Industrial Group.

“Production” Sector – 8000 people.





Six-month programme of support, followed by 2-day seminar (140 managers)



  • To disseminate the new organisation’s message
  • To implement and embed the behavioural changes required for success as quickly as possible.


End-of-programme indicators chosen by the manager

  • Team members work differently (increased cross-functionality)
      • They are more proactive (co-responsibility), in the context of certain key projects in particular
      • They show more interest in the work of others (inter-project collaboration, customer-orientation)
      • They are more international in terms of team makeup and interaction
      • They are more interactive (project meetings, problem-solving, decision-making)
  • Involvement of executive committee in the seminar, demonstrating genuine collective leadership  


Deliverables for the seminar as defined by the Steering Committee (an ad hoc internal team that co-designed the coaching process with advéo)

At the end of the seminar:

  • In terms of the new organisation:
        • Information about the new organisation has been shared
        • The next steps in terms of communication have been set out
        • The majority of the team members understand the direction of the new organisation
        • The “centralisation” vs “empowerment” debate has taken place
  • In terms of the new strategy:
        • Attendees have “bought into” the new strategy: The objectives and the path to achieving them are clear
        • Attendees have received a memo summarising the key strategic objectives
  • In terms of team morale:
        • Team members know each other better
        • Team members have had the opportunity to get things off their chest, and their concerns have been responded to
        • There is a good atmosphere and everyone has positive memories of the final seminar
        • Team members’ morale is high and they have had a chance to take a step back
        • Team members have been recognised for their contribution
        • Team members feel re-energised


An online survey was sent out following the final seminar to assess whether these objectives had been met. (And they had…)