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Leadership 1

Leadership 2

Leadership 1: Strengthen your personal leadership

Our vision of leadership is based on the belief that leadership can be learned, and that personal equation is always its hallmark.

A personally tailored portfolio of actions and behaviours will increase your confidence and strength as a leader.

In order to build this portfolio we recommend our dynamic approach, which is based on the complementary aspects of Training, Coaching and the Lead Horse technique.


The results you want:

– Exercise your authority more fully,

– Add to your managerial portfolio,

– Increase your ability to influence.

Result: A more rounded managerial approach that is both more personal and more relevant; one that results in increased “agility” and stronger leadership.

How it works:

Training to build knowledge:

– The fundamentals of leadership influence,

– The foundations of strategic relational intelligence,

– The variables in each leader’s personal equation.

Coaching to support engagement and learning:

– A programme of personalised support,

– Your personal equation – its strengths – its weaknesses – how to develop it,

– Work on your managerial approach in specific situations.

2 Lead Horse workshops:

– Test out your leadership approach via contact with a horse,

– Gain an awareness of your own style, your resources, your limitations,

– Receive insights from an equine ethologist regarding your interaction with the horse.

Training progress:

– Understand your own level of leadership,

– Overcome any obstacles or habits that are counter-productive in terms of communicating with yourself and with others in a leadership context,

– Adopt and embed new methods of exercising influence or authority.

Intra-organisation course: Tailored programme (contact us)


A senior coach from the advéo team.

Our coaches are experienced professionals who are trained in supporting managers and executives to develop their leadership skills. Respectful and inspiring in their approach, they share a talent for assisting individuals in positions of influence in their search for new resources, and in their quest to develop more effective habits.

Muriel Horrein: Ethologist.

Passionate about horses, Muriel has received extensive training from “horse whisperers” in Montana. She has developed a programme of interaction with horses that is both gentle and challenging. Every day Muriel helps people from all backgrounds to develop their personal presence, to become more aware of their strengths and to reinforce their natural authority and self-confidence. To do this, she uses an individual’s non-verbal communication with their “equine interlocutor” as a means to uncover their individual competences. She works with the advéo coaches to transpose the lessons learnt from the horse-person relationship to an intrapersonal relationship context.

What sets us apart:

Genuine educational synergy thanks to our three-pronged approach (Training, Coaching, Lead Horse), which:

– Supports engagement and learning via dynamic, practical and stimulating training,

– Uses a targeted approach in order to exploit the untapped resources of your leadership,

– Finds personal, creative and effective alternatives to optimise your leadership.

Highly effective facilitators:

As expert managerial and executive coaches, advéo facilitators know how to tailor their approach to each individual’s needs, and how to support the group so that everyone benefits.
Muriel Horrein has the unique distinction of being trained in both coaching and the art of the Lead Horse system.

Participants attending this seminar should currently be in a managerial or leadership role. We work with groups of maximum 8 people. In order to register for these seminars you should, where possible, have received management training, and, in all cases, be, or have been, managing individuals on a daily basis.

These are “inter-organisation” seminars and bring together participants from different backgrounds and cultures.

We can also assist you in running intra-organisation seminars should you so require.


21 hours of training


4 sessions lasting one and a half hours each. – Exploratory session prior to training – 2 sessions between the 2 seminars – 1 session following the last seminar – Equivalent to 6 hours of training.


2 seminars delivered by a senior coach – Seminar 1: 1.5 days (9 hours of training) – Seminar 2: 1 day (6 hours of training)

Lead Horse:

One session in each seminar – Workshops co-delivered by Muriel Horrein (equine ethologist)

Fees and costs:

– €5,225 (before VAT) per participant

– Excludes catering and accommodation expenses

– Possibility of training agreement

– Eligible for DIF (French Individual Right to Training initiative)

– 21 hours of training in total


Sessions can be delivered in English for international groups of up to 8 people


The timetable for coaching sessions is set by mutual agreement between the participants and the coach.


The Paris area, or closer to your firm (in the case of intra-organisation courses).