One-on-one coaching




In one-on-one coaching, we help individuals to tackle the change they and/or their environment want to make, and enable them to find their own solutions.

We believe, first and foremost, in the potential of the person we are coaching, and respect their individuality.

Our coaching takes place in the context of a contractualised relationship, and consists of face-to-face interviews carried out in an atmosphere of gentle provocation, support and often…humour.

We base our sessions on different approaches, depending on the needs of the customer.
Coaching may include techniques such as strategic questioning, maieutics, work based on requirements, objectives or systems of representation, task assignment or paradoxical interventions. It may also include supporting managers to assist reflection, formulate hypotheses, or simply provide an external perspective.
We draw on:


  • various management theories (systemic leadership, team performance, vision and leadership, intercultural theory, etc.)
  • various schools of business strategy
  • our own management experience

Depending on the context, a one-on-one coaching session might include:

  • insights into the individual’s way of working, communicating and interacting
  • joint research into tools and methods that could help to resolve the issues at hand
  • information on theories and methodologies
  • guidance on how to work differently
  • laying the groundwork for decisions or particular approaches