Training courses

Leadership 1

Leadership 2

We offer a range of training courses relating to the performance of teams and their leaders. These are grouped under two main themes: leadership and relational intelligence.



Leadership is addressed in two courses, both of which use the same teaching method. This method is based on the complementary aspects of coaching, training and group dynamics.

  • Leadership 1: strengthen your personal leadership.
  • Leadership 2: boost your leadership with the power of the group.

These training courses also incorporate experimentation with leadership styles via contact with horses. These Lead Horse workshops support the development of the managers attending the courses.

The richness, relevance and power of this unique and lively approach gives your leadership the extra leverage it needs.


Relational Intelligence:

Developing your ability to continually build relationships that are consistent with your needs and objectives is a process which goes hand in hand with working on your leadership.

We offer two courses based on two different approaches to relationships.

  • Internal Dialogue

This process involves getting in touch with the different internal forces that are at work during change, in order to harmonise them and then bring them together. This innovative approach explores the different aspects that an individual must address if they want to develop their managerial potential, and then puts forward a consolidated, action-oriented solution. 

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  • Human Element © (Will Schutz):

This theory and its related practices help individuals to develop the following:

An authentic presence with themselves and others (being genuine)

Their awareness of themselves, others and the situation in question,

Their ability to choose (taking responsibility, without blame or shame),

Their openness to cooperation and truth.

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